[UiFlow] real "boot menu : false" mode

  • Hello,
    Could it be possible that the "boot menu: False" mode in uiFlow settings makes the boot menu hidden and launched faster?
    It'is not working (tested on my Core2). It's a shame, it restricts the product for end uses.
    Best regards

  • Hello @favnec5

    I can confirm that on M5Core2 (running UIFlow fw 1.8.1) the boot menu: False mode doesn't prevent the UIFlow splash screen and boot menu screen from showing before actually starting the previously downloaded .py code.

    However it does prevent one from interacting with the boot menu. I tried multiple times (with boot menu: False) and touching any part of the screen, when the boot menu shows, doesn't do anything and the previously downloaded .py code starts anyway. So it looks to me that the boot menu flag isn't completely ignored, but it's not preventing the splash screen or menu screen from showing when set to false.

    BTW: on M5Stack Base it works as expected. Boot menu: true show the menu and Boot menu: false directly starts the previously downloaded .py code.

    @m5stack : Could you please fix the boot menu mode for M5Core2? Much appreciated.


  • @felmue
    A thousand and one thank you !