2 M5StickC devices, one can upload, other can not

  • I have 2 M5StickC devices which I used both for several projects. Now, for some reason, I can not upload to one device, but I can to the other. I use the same settings, the same environment (either Visual Micro in Visual Studio for Arduino, or the Arduino SDK itself all running in Windows 10) and the same USB cable. Both devices seem to connect well. The only difference lies in the fact that one device shows itself on com4 while the other shows itself on com7. The last one has no problem, the first always comes with the error message: Timed out waiting for packet header. I did try lowering the upload speed. Nothing works.
    What can be the solution? Is there a way to change the used port, make it com7 instead of 4? Any other suggestion is welcome.

  • M5Stack

    you could try to use DuPont cable to short-circuit G0 to GND when it downloading ....

  • @m5stack said in 2 M5StickC devices, one can upload, other can not:

    DuPont cable

    I tried. After lowering the baud rate to 115.200 it did work once. Could not debug any more and 6 others tries did not succeed after that. So uploading final software on production stick could perhaps be successful after numerous tries, but that's all. Not a consistent environment to develop prototypes or products.