UIFlow 1.8.5

  • v1.8.5

    new features

    • ZH-CN:
      • UNIT MQTT支持
      • UNIT RTC支持
      • ADD EzData功能
    • EN:
      • Add UNIT MQTT support
      • Add UNIT RTC support
      • ADD EzData support

  • Hello

    Where can I download. Version 1.8.5 of UI flow.


  • Firmware is in M5Burner, UIFlow online is already updated.

  • Hello @m5stack

    it looks like there might be an issue with the Vibration Motor Unit which only runs very slowly or not at all when using the dedicated blocks. However when using the analog output directly it works. The difference is with the dedicated block the GPIO output doesn't go higher than 0.5 V whereas with the analog block it goes up to 3.3 V as expected.

    Note: I personally do not have a Vibration Motor Unit - my conclusion is solely based on looking at the schematic and measuring the GPIO output of my M5StickC Plus using either of the aforementioned blocks.

    However user @dailletaille verified it to work with the analog block, so please also see this topic here.