How to update M5stack program remotely?

  • I am sure that many people have this problem. I use Arduino IDE and it programs the M5stack fine. I now need to send updates to users who have the previous version. A simple way would be to have the IDE export the .bin file. Then email the .bin to the user and have them download it into the M5Stack using say the ESP32 Flash Download tool which they can download from the internet. BUT I cannot make this work. Perhaps someone has solved this already or has a better idea of how to perform this important function. Thanks.

  • @drwino You could look into the IOTappstory platform [] url)

    It is supposed to be compatable With the ESP32 (and the M5 by desendance) but there were some technical difficulties when I tried.
    Alternative is the M5Flow system.

  • If you build apps with M5ez, Over The Air updates via https are built-in. Check the OTA https example to see how it works.