[Core2] How to disable speaker tone during booting / power-up?

  • Hi All,

    I found it is extremely annoying that the tone is emitting every time the core2 is powering up. It is annoying because it wakes my kid up and annoying people around me. The tone does not emitting on original core1.

    It is okay to have such a "wonderful / magic" tone but MUST HAVE OPTION to turn it off in the setting.

    I have searched on this forum but could not found what I am looking for... If any know, please give advice. Thanks!

  • @testing123 it is the program you have loaded in the Core 2 who control the speaker, so you need to change the program.

  • Hi @agreedk, thanks for your reply.

    It has nothing to do with the programming.

    To replicate what I am talking about:

    1. Using latest M5burner, select UIFlow(CORE2) and burn firmware "v.1.8.8-core2"
    2. Power cycle the device. Every time the dot above the "i" appear, it emitting a tone. Please see the picture below.


    1. After reboot, the screen is shown as below.

    Therefore it has nothing to do with our programming as I haven't even load any test program yet.

  • Hello @Testing123

    I don't see a setting in UIFlow firmware to disable the tone during boot. There is a setting to enable / disable the LED but I guess nobody at M5Stack has thought about adding a setting for the tone as well. Maybe that will happen in a future version of the UIFlow firmware.


  • Hi @felmue, thanks for your confirmation.
    I am going to add this request to the Wish List.

  • Ugh. The early uiFlow firmware way back in version 1.2 (I think) had a dreaded startup beep… it sounded different, but was still annoying. I put in a request years ago and they eventually turned it off by default and then eventually you could control the on/off in the settings. Looks like they brought it back with no way to turn it off ☹️

  • Since Core 1 UiFlow firmware doesn't beep during boot, I am using this Core 1 with UiFlow for experimentation while using Core 2
    with Arduino. Once gain enough knowledge with Arduino programming, perhaps getting rid of UiFlow altogether...

  • I second this!

  • I accidentally deleted the wav file in the res/ folder on the Core2 flash (don't remember the exact name of the file). But you could just rename it. Now the startup sound is gone. So this is a qick'n'dirty fix if you don't want this sound.

  • Hello guys

    if you want to get rid of the startup tone in M5Core2 you can add this Execute code block in your program.

      os.rename('res/ding.wav', 'res/ding_dis.wav')
    except OSError:
      print('ding.wav already renamed')

    If you want the tone again, rename it back or re-flash UIFlow onto your M5Core2.

    @ondrej1024 : thank you for mentioning that great idea.


  • Thanks ondrej1024 for scripts!
    This is very good for temporary fix.
    For permanent fix, I hope one day M5Stack add the option to dis/enable audio in firmware.