Lesson 18. Russian language

  • The purpose of this lesson

    Hi! Today we will learn how to display Russian text on the M5 screen.

    Figure 1

    This lesson will teach you how to connect and use a third-party library with support for Russian font in Arduino IDE.

    Short help

    "Fonts supplemented with Russian letters on the positions of 192-255 (windows-1251). Some fonts are supplemented by Superscript and subscript characters, as well as by the characters mmHg, °C...".

    Author Oxy976 (GitHub).

    List of components for the lesson

    • PC/MAC;
    • M5STACK;
    • USB-C cable from standard set.

    Let's start!

    Step 1. Installing the library

    Click on the link "Library" in the "Downloads" section (Fig. 2).

    Figure 2

    Files to extract folder M5RUText-master rename it to M5RUText and copy C:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\Arduino\libraries (Fig. 3).

    Figure 3

    Perfectly. You can now connect the M5 to your computer, launch the Arduino IDE, and open the sketch (Fig. 4).

    Figure 4

    Final step

    That's all. :)


  • Don't working after updating library M5Stack. No russian forevermore?