MicroPython lcd.qrcode is not work

  • Hello

    Please let me ask a question about microPython.

    Regular M5 Cloud no
    MicroPython does not have lcd.qrcode.
    However, M5 Flow UI has lcd.qrcode.

    Is there a way to use lcd.qrcode with M5 Cloud?
    Is there specification information on lcd.qrcode of M5 Flow UI?

  • @komikoni Hi and sorry for the late reply. I tested myself and you are correct the lcd.qrcode is missing from the m5cloud firmware. I had a look in the REPL and noticed it was missing.
    see this screenshot https://ibb.co/njC2aA

    As the small development team we have has been fully focusing its efforts on Ui flow firmware of late I cannot foresee the m5cloud firmware being updated any time soon.

    I was wondering since uiflow is more feature rich than cloud now I was wondering why you prefer cloud over uiflow

    I'm sure you already figured it out but the lcd.qrcode command is used in this way

    lcd.qrcode('insert web url here', xposition, yposition, scale factor)

    for example

    lcd.qrcode('https://microsoft.com', 72, 32, 176)

    hope that helped, I will look into the problem to see if there are any alternative solutions

  • @lukasmaximusMicroPython lcd.qrcode is not work 中说:


    Thank you for your reply!
    By your explanation, I understand that there is a difference between the two services.

    I was thinking of using M5 Cloud Offline to use M5 Stack offline.

    I usually use Python, so I wanted to use microPython.

    However, given the richness of the library, I felt it should be implemented with cpp.

    In the future, if microPython 's functions are enhanced, I would like to try again.