AWS or regular Core2 ?

  • Hi :)

    As an extra $3 gets you the AWS version of the M5Stack Core2 is there any reason not to go that route? Is there anything (or facilities) that the regular M5Stack Core2 can do that the AWS version can't? Is the AWS version limited to which bases and modules are compatible? I should probably read and research more but any help or pointers would be appreciated; thanks for any help


  • Hello @Rob-0

    M5Core2 and M5Core2 for AWS are exactly the same (well, except for the color). The 'AWS part' is in the BatteryBottom2 which comes with the AWS version - it contains the secure element required for AWS.

    Note: the regular (light gray) BatteryBottom2 (which is sold separately) does not contain the secure element. Only the (dark gray) BatteryBottom2 that comes with the M5Core2 for AWS does.


  • The non AWS core will work fine with AWS IOT services (I wrote a guide on it) the problem is that the AWS base has some security certificates programmed into it which are causing issues as they are out of date.

  • Hello @ajb2k3

    thank you for the information. I didn't know there are some out of date security certificates in the AWS base. Does that mean the AWS base (w/ its secure element) is basically useless?


  • As far as I can tell (unless the issue has been fixed) the encryption is indeed useless.

  • Thanks very much for the infos. Apart from the defunct security it still seems the best choice then as the battery ( + RGB LEDs ) seem great value at the very small extra cost.

    Thanks again, Rob.

  • Indeed and it still works with AWS.