UI-Flow and COM.X LoRaWAN 868 module

  • Hi,

    in UI-Flow, for the COM.X LoRaWAN modules, I just see the access to the 470 MHz and 915 MHz versions.

    I have the 868 MHz version (European)...

    Did I miss something, Should I take the 915 MHz ?

    Thank you in advance


  • Hello @flex

    afaik the 868 MHz version isn't supported directly in UiFlow with specific blocks for that module, but you can always use the standard UART blocks to send AT commands to the module. This tutorial should get you started.


  • @felmue

    Thanks for your feedback, I will use that way then...


  • How did you get on? I've just picked up one of these and even though I believe I am using the right commands, I can't be sure if its not working or I'm just not near enough to a gateway.

    Really disappointing its not un UI flow as I am very new. :)