M5Stack Product Selector?

  • We are just discovering M5Stack and a little overwhelmed by the platform. Our goal is to monitor some old level controllers that control a freezer compressor. We need to simply measure 1) an NTC temperature sensor (hopefully fine measuring voltage across the loop) and 2) whether a 220V compressor is on (flagging whether a current loop is above a threshold should be fine) every 5 seconds. We could e.g. use MQTT over WiFi and we already have a way to get MQTT to an InfluxDB database to Grafana.

    A few more details - it can be a wet environment (but presumably we could fit the M5Stack inside the electrical box where the current level controller is), and there is a 24 VAC supply available if we can rectify that easily to 5VDC. I don't think we need much user input / touch screen input, but at some point I'd like to learn that on the platform too, since it could be fun.

    There seem to be a lot of different options - cores, sticks, atoms - is there an updated chart that would help us narrow down how and/or where to get started? In the store there is a "Solutions" section that seems promising - it talks about "Smart Factory" which is close to what we are looking for, but there are no M5Stack controllers there that it recommends, just high level descriptions of a problem.

    Thanks in advance!

  • The controller would need to be mounted outside where it won’t suffer from atmospheric changes. The Atom or the stamp will work if you just want to read a sensor and send MQTT messages to a server. What “wet” zone thermistors have you looked at? And as to monitoring rhe compressor, you could even get away with a microphone if the compressor is not also damp.