M5 Tough Problems

  • Hi there,
    I am switching from Arduino to m5 and I run into several problems:

    • Wifi not working ( I tried several variants to connect, with no success)
    • uiflow online not working (due to wifi setup issues
    • m5 tough not available in Desktop IDE
    • erratic behavior from code in Desktop IDE version 1.9.4 (code blocks do not everytime the expected behaviour)
    • no corresponding firmware available (newest 1.9.1)
    • Lorawan module not available in Desktop IDE

    Although a nice looking product it is (at the moment) not usable as a professional dev kit

  • @alpinerobotics desktop IDE is not currently supported and so out of date.

    What are the WiFi issue you have?
    The firmware does not like spaces in SSID’s