M5-Stamp-Pico with I-PEX external antenna port

  • Hi everyone,
    I'm new here... and yes I did extensive searches ;)

    I have 3 x Stamp-pico modules whichI specifically bought for their terrific size and dual core.
    -- as experiment for an outdoor box controlling temp/humidity sensor and a couple of ws2812b strips mounted in a plastic "falcon" flying out front of my unit. I'm controlling the LEds (only 30) via core 1.

    However, I need the range of an external antenna.

    I have other esp32 boards with an I-Pex port including an esp32-wrover-IE which is great for development, but they're all too big.

    I notice there are others here looking for similar solution.
    So, I would would like to suggest there is a market for a Stamp-Pico with an an I-PEX rather than 3D antenna.

    Please let know if this suggestion gains any traction toward becoming a reality.

    In the meantime, could anyone from your Tech Team please suggest how I might modify a Stamp-pico?


  • @chrismal Hi Good day! We appreciate your feedback!No IPEX version is available

  • @m5stack_ag G'day, Thanks for reply.
    Any chance I could get a few technical tips please...

    For example;
    If I were to take the 3D antenna off, which solder points are which?
    -- to use for, say, a tiny coax to an SMA mounted on PCB.

    I can't tell from circuit diagram and I don't know if the Stamp is printed to indentify the points under the 3D.
    A photo with pointers would be useful ;)