Wrong App Launching

  • Since V1.8x I have been having problems with the wrong app launching. I have 3 apps on a Core2. 1 app is 350K while another is 150K (files size) and a 3rd is rather small. When I select an app and then select "Run" I have to reset the Core otherwise the app never starts. Once reset the new app does not start but the previous app will launch. There are times that I can get the correct app to launch but more times than not there is an issue. It is not the Core I have reflashed it with every version of 1.9x. I have had over 10 Core2 in my hands at various times and all have the same issue. In version 1.8X I was not having this problem.

    In addition when I am loading the larger apps I get an error stating the Upload failed but upon resetting the device the app is there and if it is the only app on the device it launches fine

    Any suggestions would be great.


    Any suggestions?