Error with M5 echo example

  • Hi all.

    Just setup my first M5 echo! The product seems great so far, I tried the factory BT firmware and it works fine.

    I want to test the Recoder&Replay example, but an error occurred after pressing the button:

    Init i2s_set_pin
    E (2137) I2S: i2s_check_set_mclk(253): ESP32 only support to set GPIO0/GPIO1/GPIO3 as mclk signal, error GPIO number:2133
    E (2142) I2S: i2s_set_pin(314): mclk config failed

    just after

    err += i2s_set_pin(SPEAKER_I2S_NUMBER, &tx_pin_config);


    #define SPEAKER_I2S_NUMBER I2S_NUM_0

    I searched for some solution but I didn't find a good solution.

    Using Visual Studio code, this is the platformio.ini

    platform = espressif32
    board = esp32dev
    framework = arduino
    monitor_speed = 115200
    upload_speed = 115200
    lib_deps =
      m5stack/M5Atom @ ^0.0.9
      fastled/FastLED @ ^3.5.0

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello @Ferberto

    I guess you've ran into this issue discussed here.


  • Fantastic, it works!
    Don't know why I wasn't able to find it first.