Timer X Camera AWS s3 settup

  • Hello I just bought a Timer X Camera and set up a AWS s3 bucket. Whenever i burn the firmware onto the camera after going through the steps nothing happens. When i check the serial port it shows that the camera is connecting to the WIFI but no images are being sent to the bucket. (And the serial is going to fast i cant really tell where it hangs).

    If anyone had any comments on if it still works or the bucket has to be set up a certain way id much appreciate it.


  • Hello,

    The same thing happened to me, I emailed the support team about this problem and they said there is a bug in the example and they will try to fix it soon, nothing happened so far, appreciate if anyone can help

  • Hello again
    The solution in the link below
    it's chines website, try to use google translation to change the language and it works with me finally