potentially missing modules in UIFLOW

  • import i2c_bus isn't added when set iic block is initialized. I am also getting errors when attempting to use the m5go mic with adc blocks. import machine isn't being added either. I might be doing something wrong. Is it possible to please add an example file showing the advanced pin setups in UIFLOW. It would be great to see information added to the uiflow manual or added as a sample file in UIFLOW examples. Also much like how you abstract the speaker functionality into uiblocks perhaps you can do the same for the mic. Also it would really be great to see the blocks in the graphic section with RGB values rather than just having color be called only as a color swatch. thanks

  • I am also noticing that the bit depth of the adc values isn't changing regardless of if it is set to 9 bit or 12 bit I am getting the same resulting value.

  • I have been checking back in to see if the support staff answered my questions I posted above. I know you all are busy but it is often the case that some questions get answered in hours and others get zero response. That can be a bit frustrating. Is there a way to answer the questions in the order they are submitted. It would be great to get any feedback at all. Even if you mention we are looking this over, it would just be be great to know it is on your radar. Thanks

  • Please be patient.
    This is the holiday season after all.

  • I don't mind waiting at all and I apologise if I sounded pushy. I submitted my issue 10 days ago and I just wanted to know the status. I think it might help to simply let the user know the post is under review and then at least the user knows at some point the support staff will be giving a response. Because there was zero response and many other more recent posts were answered I just wasn't sure if the support staff was going to respond. Perhaps it makes sense to respond to support related posts in the order received. Maybe that can't work for whatever reason but I do think it would be a fair policy.

  • Hello, guys, Happy New Year!
    I have asked UIFlow team about this problem.
    They said that they forgot to add "import machine", but you can add it by execute block.

  • If you need adc function, it;s better to use "analog read pin <36>" block


  • Thanks this is helpful to see. Much appreciated. I still think it would be great at some point for you to add a section to the uiflow documentation that covers the blocks located under the advanced tab.