ReInstall Original Screen on new Core2

  • I just received a Core2. Plugging it in a very cool screen came up with lots of interesting stuff, especially the FFT sound display. I went to M5Burner to make sure it was loaded with the most recent software and after loading it with UIFlow 1.10.3 it shows a simple screen with 3 buttons. Is there any way to reload that original screen? And more interesting, what language was it written in and is it possible to get source?

  • Hello @dahult

    check out M5Burner linked here. It allows to reinstall most of the original firmware.

    Regarding source code: if it is available you'll find it most likely here. (I don't see it though.)


  • Hi! When I got my Core2 there was an amazing Factory Test Demo program that showed all of the capabilities of the new "Core2".
    After much digging I found the source code again here:
    The source code is C++ and will compile in Arduino IDE. is not written in hobbyist style Arduino code with
    void setup()
    void loop()

    Therefore I found it very difficult to "follow" (inscrutable) and found it of little use to me for further Arduino programs.
    Brilliant and fun to watch Demo, though!
    Hope this helps: Terry

  • @teastain Thanks, that was what I was looking for. I got it to compile/load after installing the M5Core2 by M5Stack library. I agree with 'Brilliant and un to watch'.