WLAN Blocks create errors due to wrongly translated code to micro python

  • I've upgraded the M5 Core to latest Firmware V1.10.4 and M5 Core 2 to

    Additionally found another bug:

    when using the Online Ui Flow and adding the block for getting ifconfig 0_1662492113133_c2635e39-6ea4-46b9-8183-da8df125edec-image.png

    then it creates a runtime error. The cause is:

    blockly adds text "wlan.ifconfig"

    but it must be "wlan_sta.ifconfig" and then it runs

    The same issue als on a M5 Core2 it does not show an error message, just the screen stay white :-(
    what a poor software quality.

  • see my reply on your other post.