You guys put the wrong threads in M5-StickT, you put M6, not 1/4"-20

  • My M5-StickT came with the wrong threaded insert, it doesn't fit 1/4"-20, making it impossible to mount on top of a camera. The threads matched M6 screws.

  • I opened it up, it's not a threaded insert, it's a plain M6 hex nut inside in a rectangular recess.

    Man this is annoying... a normal sized 1/4"-20 nut is like a hair too big (actually about 2mm too big) for the original rectangular recess, I have to bench grind it down to the right size before putting it back in.

    Can you guys (M5Stack staff) redesign the nylon case for the correct nut and send me a new case? Just the nylon 3D printed case is needed. I'm not asking for a $500 product exchange, just a new nylon 3D printed case.

  • And while you guys fix the nylon 3D printed case design, please also add holes for the infrared emitter.

    I see the IR emitter LED on the PCB but there's no holes on the case to let the light out.

    And if you are wondering, yes, I do need it.

    It would be helpful if you guys posted a file type better than STL so I can actually edit the 3D model myself. Like STEP or IGES.