Infrared Tutorial Sucks!

  • Seriously who embedded the IR tutorial into the arduino IR example for MSC2? really? REALLY? I can't sigh enough!
    I purchased an IR module and expected something more than "Data Received!" I can't even read the code from the IR module when i fire a remote code at it...

    Can the M5Stack team please update the IR example Arduino Library so that I can actually get the data on the M5Stack Core2? Thanks! P.S. It's using the only grove port available on the M5Stack Core 2.

  • The tutorial was written by former members who moved on to other companies and so the code was never updated.

  • @ajb2k3 So m5stack sold a useless product? @m5stack Why are you ripping your customers off? First the M5UV2 issue, now this? I’m really starting to be disgusted by how m5stack treat its customers with garbage half baked products. I purchased their products with the idea that development would be easier, but it’s not easy, They’ve given us the idea that their products are easier to use but the bugs and product issues are far more annoying than any other company that sells embedded devices.