M5Core2 version 2.0.5 Arduino update won't install on a Mac OSX?

  • Somehow the update creates two directories in /tmp causing this error 13 message:
    (OS Monterey)

    Error: 13 INTERNAL: Cannot install platform:installing platform m5stack:esp32@2.0.5: searching package root dir: no unique root dir in archive, found 
    '/Users/MacMarelli/Library/Arduino15/tmp/package-4036131626/2.0.5' and 

    Can I manually control this update process?
    Can I install this update manually by replacing the existing 2.0.5 or will this result in unexpected errors

  • Have you installed Xcode and python 3 latest versions?
    Have you installed the latest usb driver?

  • It is an update, so why should I worry about XCode, Python and/or USB driver?

    Sorry, forgot to mention that is for the Arduino IDE 2.0.0.
    I'm not using Xcode and/or Python

  • I went through the same problem. The folder __MACOSX is generated automatically by the MACOS when umcoressing the files. Then during the installation process I keeped watching inside the folder tmp and when the folder __MACOS was created I deleted it.

  • @fosouza Thanks!
    It took some quick-clicking, but I got the 2.0.5 installed.