M5StickC PLUS: shipped with firmware drastically different from the FactoryTest firmware on GitHub?

  • Hello,

    As a long-term Arduino user, but new to this connected world of ESP32, I got my first ESP32 microcontroller (M5StickC PLUS). Unlike the controllers I am familiar with, the unit shipped with a nice factory example firmware (which seems to largely match the “FactoryTest.ino” in the m5stack GitHub repository for the M5StickC-Plus), but the two are not quite the same:

    1. The normal (non-test) mode seems to match the one on GitHub.

    2. But, the test mode launched (with button B at startup) seems to differ in a few major ways. First, it has a Wi-Fi scan that shows all visible Wi-Fi networks that is not present in the GitHub code. Second, it only shows the “test data” page and not any of the normal pages (unlike the version in the GitHub). There are also a few other minor differences.

    Given the extra features implemented in the shipped factory firmware over the one on GitHub, I wonder if the source code for this extended firmware is available somewhere?

    PS. Notably, the shipped firmware has at least one minor bug. With suitable timing of inputs, the indicator LED can be set to be permanently on rather than the intended short flashes when on the normal mode.

  • @l2m2k2 Hi, this is just demo software for you to see before exploring with your own sketches!

    You can view the source code for hints programming it yourself.

    I would not worry about it!