UIFlow .. multiple Weight Sensors with PaHUB?

  • In UIflow I can´t connect multiple "Weight Sensors" with the "PaHUB". Most of the other sensors doesn´t have this issue. How can I connect multiple "Weight Sensors" to my Core while using only the port A?


  • Hello @mchott

    I could be wrong but I don't think you can. PaHub extends I2C, however the HX711 in the weigh unit is not an I2C device. See schematic.


  • @felmue said in UIFlow .. multiple Weight Sensors with PaHUB?:

    in the weigh unit is not an I2C devic

    Thank you .. it´s a little bit confusing but I will use multiple independet setups with ATOM Mini.

  • You need a Pb.Hub not a Pa.Hub.
    Pahub is for PortA which is why its has red connectors.
    PbHub is for PortB and has Black Connectors.
    White connectors are generic port devices and blue connectors are for UART devices.

  • I don't think the PbHUB will work ... The PbHUB can only handle analog and digital signals (no clocks !). Reading values from the HX711 weight sensor needs a clock and a data line provided by the ESP32 GPIO Ports ... The UIFlow HX711 library only supports Port B.
    If you want to use several weight sensors on the M5Stack you will have to hook them up to different ports and do the programming either in Python or Arduino using the Expansion Port Module getting the additonal Ports C D and E.

    P.S: If you want to hook up multiple Weight Sensors to a M5Stack using port A you have to use HX711 devices which can be hooked up to the I2C bus. M5Stack has no such modules nor units, but you will find one made from DFRobot (https://wiki.dfrobot.com/HX711_Weight_Sensor_Kit_SKU_KIT0176). This sensor also has a grove I2C port and by modifying the I2C addresses you can hook up to 4 Weigh sensors to Port A. Using the PaHub I2C-extender you can even hook up 6 to 24 Weigh sensors ......