TouchButton awol?

  • Trying to write my first arduino code using Touch.

    The API docs give several examples but none of them work. Using the code in the very first example for TouchEventStructures

    Errors include

    • 5:1: error: 'TouchButton' does not name a type; did you mean 'Button'?
      TouchButton rt = TouchButton(160, 0, 160, 120, "right-top");

    • 9:19: error: variable or field 'eventDisplay' declared void
      void eventDisplay(TouchEvent& e) {

    • 9:19: error: 'TouchEvent' was not declared in this scope


    • Arduino IDE 2.0.3

    • M5Core2 0.1.5

    • Windows 11

  • Hello @brianteeman

    the documentation is probably not fully up-to-date.

    Maybe checkout the description here.

    Also have a look at this example.


  • Have you got all the libraries imported?
    5.1 and 9.19 mean that they haven't been defined or the libraries not imported or that you are compiling for the wrong device.