Scale accurate to 10g only

  • I bought the scale kit and am surprised that my smartphone should weigh only 21g. But it is 210g. Does the scale really output only 10g accurately and I´ve tp multiply the result with 10?

  • The M5Stack scale kit is intended making a human scale (up to 200 kg) and not one for a phone (210 g). Using the HX711 you have to choose the range of the weigh sensor (= load cell) according to your requirements:

    1. Range (10g, 200kg, xx tons ...)
    2. Precision class (C1,C2 .. C3 etc)
      The M5Stack weigh sensors have an error rate of 0.3% full scale (Class C1) = +/- 600 grams.
      I'm using weigh sensors class C3 measuring the weight of bee hives.

  • Thank you .. sometimes it´s just my hope to get an easy solution running and waking up in the middle of to many micro learning.