Atom Lite inconsistent data being sent

  • I am using the ADC function of the Atom Lite to convert an analogue voltage signal from a pressure transducer as part of my water tank monitoring solution in Home Assistant. The data being received by HA from the Atom Lite is VERY inconsistent. If I test the voltage signal being sent from the transducer with a multimeter it is steady at .531 volts, however the data being sent to HA from the Atom Lite varies in the order of + or - 50%.

    Has anybody else experienced a similar issue and if so how did you resolve it? Could it be that my Atom Lite board is faulty or is it within normal tolerances for the signal to vary so widely?

    I have another Atom Lite module on order so will see if the same happens with it. In the interim I welcome any suggestions.

  • @bstafford the on-board ADC of the ESP32 is notoriously inaccurate!