No LED support on new releases for the Atom Lite

  • I have an running implementation using UI Flow 1.9.5 and my Atom Lite. It´s working like defined.

    After updating to the latest release 1.11.6 the built in LED of my Atom Lite stop working. The Led is still off if I only set color and brightness. Nothing happend.

  • Hello @mchott

    with UIFlow 1.11.6 firmware on my M5Atom the RGB LED works just fine.


    Are you sure your M5Stack is connected to the UIFlow backend?


  • @felmue said in No LED support on new releases for the Atom Lite:

    e you sure your M5Stack is connected to the UIFlo

    Yes I´m sure .. I can for example control the PWM frequency. The Led is also not showing when I connect it to my Mac/PC and hold the button down. Normally the Led shows the current state of App, Internet or USB. But the Led is still dark. If I flash the version 1.9.5 on my Atom and use the same code the Led is switching the colors .. Led seems to work.

    In the past I had an different issue with an very easy control of just setting the color:

  • Hello @mchott

    hmm, not sure what is going on. Sorry.


  • Now I tried to do it extrem more on a basic level with the latest available versions of everything with Arduino

    #include <Arduino.h>
    #include <M5Atom.h>
    void setup() {
      M5.begin(true, false, true);
    void loop() {
      M5.dis.drawpix(0, 0xFF0000);

    I assumed that this simply meant a permanent "RED", but it results in a random play of colours.