Motordriver L298N with M5core ?

  • It is possible to connect a L298N Motor driver on M5Stack core ?
    Has anyone a pin layout schema to connect pins if it is possible ?

  • The short answer is YES!
    Are you using a bare L298N IC, or a pre-made PCB, and if so what model number?
    They are very easy to program, but you need to look at the IC's pinout and understand why there are four transistors per motor.
    They can also control motor speed with the "ledc" PWM library.
    There are also L298N libraries.

  • Thanks @teastain,

    i try it since few days, but i can't find any information how i must connect the Motor Modul.

    I use this one: Link

    Have you an idea how i must connect ENA (for PWM), IN1 and IN2 with the M5stack core and set the motor speed with PWM?