Use in production environment

  • Hello,
    I would like to know if M5Stack products can be used directly in production environments (civil and industrial) or can be used exclusively for prototyping.

    If they can be used in a production environment, what are they and where can I find the relevant certifications.


  • Depends on the environmental conditions

    That was one of the reasons for the change from buttons to touch screen. There have already been a few industry uses now. If there is anything you want to discuss in private I can help as I have almost the whole range. Feel free to private message me.

  • @robski Of course, however, this is just a web page that anyone can create and has no value when you have to present certifications for a project.

  • Support sent me certifications for K128, K010-AWS, K034.
    The others are modules without certifications.
    So contact support directly, they are quick to respond and will send you the required certificates.

  • @ajb2k3 thank you so much!
    Since the controllers I'm interested in are certified (K128, K010-AWS, K034) the only question left is what to do with the rest of the products which then become fundamental such as sensors, relays, etc. which are without certifications.

  • The thing is that when you create a finished product that you wish to sell, it is your duty to send the finished product out for testing and individual certification. if this is for a private in house deployment then again it will be up to you to get the testing and certification should your in house managers want it.