UnitV Wifi Networking

  • Does UNITV has built-in Wi-Fi? I am trying to use wi-fi in MaixPy IDE using the documentation here (https://github.com/sipeed/MaixPy_scripts/blob/master/network/network_esp32.py) but getting no success connecting to a Wi-Fi. Is there any code you can share for wi-fi connection then that would be great.

  • Should do because its a unit that requires a controller.
    If you needed wifi, you should get a Stick V2 which is a standalone version.

  • Thanks. I already have got UnitV2, UnitV (both OV7740 and OV2640) for evaluation. Do any of the K210 based UnitVs have built-in Wi-Fi's? It would be strange if they don't because once you deploy them in the field you want some sort of network connectivity and would be odd to use a controller with each one of them to go along (as I need multiple Units to be deployed) - keeping aside costs and looking at it purely from ease of use.

    With UNITV2, it's very easy to work with as its simply a SBC with linux but the one I received gets really hot (higher temperatures: 70+) within 5-10 minutes of operation so would prefer not to use it for any real world application.