Write/Read Data(SD Card or internal) into the CoreS3 with Uiflow 2.0

  • Hi, i'm new in m5stack in general and i need to save the parameters changed by the user in the UI, to the internal or SD Card storage to read them later in a following start of the device. I see that this can be done in Uiflow 1 but in uiflow 2.0 i don't see the SD Card blocks to accomplish this. Any help with this would be gracefull

  • @alejandro_baup I have been asking for a few weeks but there looks to be an issue with sdxards at present

  • Hi guys

    Here is an explanation as to why it may take some time to fix: M5CoreS3 uses the SPI bus in a special way to control the LCD: MISO (normally an input) is reconfigured to be an output and is used as DC line (instead of a dedicated GPIO for DC). Unfortunately to access the SD card (which shares the SPI bus with the LCD) MISO needs to be an input.

    In case you might be interested. I found a way to do this switching back and forth between input and output for Arduino.