Core-Ink Screen rotation

  • I have an application where I need to put the Core-Ink upside down, hence I would like to rotate the complete screen output 180 degrees. I use only text labels

    I tried to transform the output manually but I ran i to a problem with M5TextBox function.
    It seems to limit the maximum coordinates by some value that depends on the font size.

    Here I have two labels defined with corresponding python code in the M5Flow:
    This code however does not work. LABEL_1 is not shown on the screen.
    I have to change the coordinates of the LABEL_1 to less than (160,160) and then the output works but looks like this:
    The coordinates of the M5TextBox seems to be limited to (200 - <font size>) i.e. 160 for DejaVu40, 176 for DejaVu24 etc.

    I have also tried the lcd.setRotation() but it does not seem to do anything.

    Yes the screenshots are from the M5flow but I have tried this on the Core-Ink :)