Difficulties with Pa HUB

  • Hi, I am experiencing unconsistent results with this accessoiry.
    I am trying so use it for an ampere and volt measurment.
    After some trials I have been able to have a working UI flow project with the Vmeter unit in position 1 of the hub.
    However, today, the same project does no longer work : I get the error Vmeter unit may not be connected..
    Could someone suggest a correct setup in UI flow for the PaHub.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Browsing through the you tube videos I found my mistake ;-)
    Problem solved

  • Well don't keep us hanging, what was the problem?

  • I am surprised that none of the 109 viewers proposed the proper way of doing. Or maybe the PaHub is not their concern ?
    Anyway and for future beginners who could face the issue.

    1)There is no need to add the PaHUB as a component as with the other I2C captor

    1. These captors must then be declared as PaHUB and not as port A