Stamp-S3 randomly starts drawing 500mA.

  • My Stamp-S3 seems to work fine, but regularly starts to suddenly draw 500mA for no apparent reason.

    This makes the unit too hot to touch.

    Even if I disconnect ALL pins, it still keeps drawing 500mA from the USB port.
    Only after unplugging, and reconnecting to USB, the powerdraw goes back to normal, at 10mA or so.

    Has anyone else seen the Stamp-S3 turn extremely hot at random times?

  • @bram Did you self-solder connectors and pins?

    Ive seen this a few times with tiny solder bridges to vcc or gnd that varied when they heated up/cooled down and acted exactly that way. (Or similarly when I took too long soldering pins, and damaged an internal component from the heat of the pin/solder pad)

  • @mtylerjr Yes, I soldered the 2.54mm headers. I will check them again under my microscope.

    I also see a weird 4.6V on EN pin, whereas the VCC is a perfect 3.30V and the power is a 5.01V.

  • @mtylerjr Thank you for that great diagnosis!

    I checked, and yes, I had a short.

    I fixed it, and hopefully I will not see the 0.5A power draw any more. I still have the 4.6V on EN pin, though, which I think is weird.


  • @bram The EN is the Reset input and is pulled up normally, and brought down to reset the ESP.
    While it does seem odd that it is 5V, mine does the same thing!
    My (ahem) LilyGO T-Display S3 Reset pin is at 3.3, which makes more sense.