Read from EEPROM hangs

  • I have a program that reads a key from EEPROM. I've written a value to the key, but whenever I try to read it, it just hands the entire sketch.

    Here's the Python code that is running:
    def btn_save_magic_number_pressed():
    speaker.playTone(523, 2, volume=5)
    nvs.write(str('magic_number'), track_magic_number)
    speaker.playTone(262, 2, volume=5)
    speaker.playTone(131, 2, volume=5)

    I get the first two tones played (indicating it has written the EEPROM key), but the third never plays, and the label value never changes.

    I have tried other code to read the EEPROM, they always hang.

  • @JeffDG Hi, Bug fixed, this feature is supported in the next firmware version(v1.12.5)

  • Sounds good!

    When is 1.12.5 expected to be available?