Cardputer display disabled after uploading sample Display code from Github

  • I uploaded this to test product for first time and out put said "Hard reset" now display is off.


    void draw_function(LovyanGFX* gfx) {
    int x = rand() % gfx->width();
    int y = rand() % gfx->height();
    int r = (gfx->width() >> 4) + 2;
    uint16_t c = rand();
    gfx->fillRect(x - r, y - r, r * 2, r * 2, c);

    void setup() {
    auto cfg = M5.config();
    int textsize = M5Cardputer.Display.height() / 60;
    if (textsize == 0) {
    textsize = 1;

    void loop() {
    int x = rand() % M5Cardputer.Display.width();
    int y = rand() % M5Cardputer.Display.height();
    int r = (M5Cardputer.Display.width() >> 4) + 2;
    uint16_t c = rand();
    M5Cardputer.Display.fillCircle(x, y, r, c);

  • @insight3fl I uploaded the "Buzzer test" .ino and it successfully loaded ran, and shows "Button Test" across the display. That said, none of the rest buttons seem to function so every time I turn on the device, the sketch is still running and showing the "Buzzer Test" and beeping of course.

    How do I restore the Cardputer to factory default? Pushing the go button while turning on does not seem to work.

    Thanks for helping a newbee!

  • You'll need to re-upload the factory firmware. I think I saw someone uploaded it 3rd party in M5Burner. If not, I ripped a clean copy of my firmware and I'll share it tomorrow. Just click "ALL" and then search "cardputer" in the search box on the M5Burner app.

  • @4x0nn Thanks! Obviously I am a newbee and have much to learn.

  • @insight3fl burner was fast and easy to retore factory default including a few extras like wifi connect. There is also one other Burner program "Nemo" that works great. I hope for us newbees there will be more packed tools. I am receiving an order today for RFID, Enviromental, motion and a few other plug in modules.

    Thank you

  • Thanks so much, I thought I bricked by cardputer and it is back.