Error at NTP module on UIFlow2 and Cardputer: Missing timezone

  • Set timezone: GMT-3 on Blockly throws error:
    AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'timezone'

    Please advice.

  • is NTP unit/module available in uiflow 2.0 blocks? can only see RTC in Hardware

  • I observe that there seems to be an NTP init step at the begin of the default UIFlow2 firmware startup, as the required arguments are part of the burn and configuration options. There is no more NTP section in the UIFLow2 blocks but a so called “Time” section thats delivers the “set timezone” command, which is in error. Please confirm the NTP was moved into the firmware and "Time" and also check why the “timezone” module was not loaded by the firmware. Thanks for support. Shouldn't there be a mandatory Wifi connection setup before issuing an NTP request? Further, I got NTP data but with strange return values like: 2054,2,20,12,11.. . Why?