M5Stack Dial CAN Arduino Library

  • Re: M5StampS3 / M5Dial and CAN

    For anyone still looking for a CAN solution for the M5Dial using the Arduino IDE, checkout the ESP32-TWAI-CAN.hpp library. I'm using the M5 CANBus Unit(CA-IS3050G) SKU: U085 connected to port B. Using the sample code with the library I simply changed the GPIO pins TX = 2 RX = 1 and set the desired bus speed. It works a treat for me for sending CAN frames from the dial.

  • Hi i know this is a strip question but I’m going to ask it what type of connectors are you using to connect to port a and pot b on the dial i come from a 3d printing background and all my connectors are just too big thanks

  • @jonsar JST 2.0 connectors, commonly called 'Grove' and available through M5Stack!