Stamp C3 mate. 3 adc instead of 4?

  • Because Gpio5 on Esp32 can not be used as ADC together with WiFi, is there another pin I could use as ADC?

  • Hello @HappyUser

    well, according to ESP32C3 documentation ADC1 has 5 channels (GPIO0 - 4) and ADC2 has one (GPIO5). Of the total six channels GPIO5 cannot be used together with WiFi. However GPIO0, GPIO1 and GPIO4 are available.

    That leaves GPIO2 (RGB LED) and GPIO3 (button). If you do not need the button it should be possible to use GPIO3 after soldering a thin wire to it. To use GPIO2 however would require to remove the RGB LED I guess.


  • Thank you, but the is too much off a hassle, will come up with another solution.