M5Stick Gray auto turn off after period of time.

  • Is it normal behavior of M5Stick Gray to turn off automatically after period of time?

    I write arduino code to display only 'Hello World'. And let's it start with battery power. It's suppose to run until battery is run-out. But It's keep turn off (around 40 second).

    Or this is malfunction unit?

  • hmmm sounds strange. Is the unit still connected over usb when this happens? and are there any other modules attached to your M5? If we could see your code to that would be helpful to try and diagnose this issue

  • If on USB power,Its never turn off. But on battery power is like mention above around 40 seconds and it shutdown. (Battery is full charged).

    No any module attached. Only 'FactoryTest' arduino example code.

    I test flash a Flow 1.2.1en firmware and connected to flow website. Around 40 seconds, it's behavior is restart device. Not a shutdown.

    It's very wired. My another M5Fire is normal.

  • Hi @Sarawuth it seems like it could be a problem with your m5stack gray having a bad connection to the base unit (battery). Could you try detaching the m5stack gray battery base and attaching your M5 stack gray core to the base of the m5stack fire and see if the problem persists. If you dont get the 40 seconds problem with the fire base attached then I think there could be a problem with the connector on your M5stack gray battery base

  • I assume you mean M5Stick Gray instead of M5Stack Gray, right?

    I've tested take M5Stick Gray battery to M5Stack Fire. It's can run perfectly more than 40 seconds.

  • Sorry I wasn't sure from your comment whether you were using the m5stick (tiny device with black and white oled display) or m5stack gray (5x5 cm device) maybe I misunderstood

  • M5Stick (Tiny device with OLED) :-)

  • I've sent it back to shop and they confirmed it's device problem. And they replace with new one. Now no any problem.