Sorry for the lack of updates.

  • Sorry for the lack of updates.

    I suffer from Depression and for a week I forgot to take my tablets. after having had several failed attempts at doing some work I had to put down my tools and kit.

    I will get back to the English book which is currently at 50 pages and only a quater done in this draft. I also have the working of a product dev tutorial coming but software keeps crashing on me.
    I haven't given up so keep watching.

  • Hi, this is M5Stack official speaker.

    Firstly, we'd like to thank you for all your support and help so far. We appreciate the time you dedicated and it is a great favor for M5Stack already, you activated this community better than us team. Even though we haven't met you in person yet, we feel like you and our engineers have already established a good connection, we talked about you a lot, and We all look up to you.

    We feel sorry for your suffering from Depression, if we can do anything to help, please feel free to ask. If you have any coding or hardware problem, we'd like to offer our hand as well.

    Couple of weeks before, the CEO of M5 have mentioned that to authority you as the super manager of this community, but we've been busy with moving to a new office. However, the title is yours for sure, you absolutely deserve it. Please take it as our sincerely appreciation for your great work.

    Please take care of yourself, we all wish you have a healthy and happy life. Always remember that you are part of the M5 team, we all got your back.

                                                                                                                       M5Stack team

  • @m5stack Oh wow thank you very much, this means a lot!