advanced blocks

  • I am interested in the new network blocks. Is it possible to get a quick example file on how to use these. Also it would be great to see some of the other advanced blocks in use such as i2c and adc. I've looked but I couldn't find a sample but I might have missed it. It's super helpful to have the example files directly available in uiflow. Perhaps a few more examples can be added for things such as sim800l, custom blocks, and advanced pin related blocks. I know you have a great tutorial for sim800l for example but I still think it would be worthwhile to add the example file to the the uiflow examples. Also it would be great if the mic function is exposed in the hardware blocks. If one of the goals of uiflow is to get students up and running as quickly as possible I think it's helpful to expose as much of the available API's as possible. Let me just say it's always exciting whenever I open up uiflow and see it's a new version. Keep up the rapid development. thanks

  • @jpilarski Hi, thank you for your great suggestions!!

    I am looking for example code for Network block. then,
    Your Idea is very nice!! I also hope it will be possible in the near future!