Grove port issues on cameraF and StickC

  • I just got my StickC and it is really a cool product. Unfortunatly the Grove port isn't properly soldered and when attempting to drive neopixels I have to push firmly on the cable to make contact with board. The port is clearly loose. On my cameraF the Grove port wasn't even attached. I feel these smaller boards aren't as well soldered as need be. On the camera I can easily open the case, access the port, and resolder but on the StickC, once I open the plastic case, I'm not sure how to get the board out and I don't want to break it. Can you tell me how to safely dislodge the board. Also please keep a watch on the solder quality on these ports. I'm curious if it's just bad luck or if others are having such problems. Thanks

  • Hi ,
    Thanks for your feedback. we apologized for the bad experience of using M5 product, I am very clear about the problem. The board is fixed with the bottom case, which is locked and soldered onto the structure component. I am afraid you can not get it off easily . im sorry about that , please contact our sales to do the replacement.

  • I thoroughly enjoy your innovative products and I will contact sales thank you I wonder if a design modification for the Grove port would be to add small cylinders that extend down from the underside of the plastic. There could be matching holes on the pcb which the plastic standoffs fit into and this would provide some shear strength. It would limit the force applied when adding and removing a cable and alleviate using solder as a structural component.

  • Hi,
    I get what you mean, it makes a lot of sense. The one you get is surly the soldering mistake , because they didn't put enough tin on the soldering pad. We definitely could do something to improve structures deign just like what you come up with, but its not gonna help that much if we have the bad soldering.