FS.h missing

  • Downloaded m5stack library and examples from GitHub. Also downloaded and installed "Arduino-esp master". Tried to compile 'FactoryTest.ino". Got following error.

    C:\Users\dpcon\Documents\Arduino\libraries\M5Stack-master\src/M5Stack.h:94:16: fatal error: FS.h: No such file or directory

    also got same error on 'Display.ino'

    Any suggestions. Shouldn't FS.h be part of the package??

  • @dpcons

    Hey dpcons,
    I'm guessing you do not have this directory in your system:

    FS.h should reside in:

    If your using windows the following link shows how to get this installed:

    FS.h should install as part of this. FactoryTest should work then.

  • Thanks JimiT,
    You were indeed correct. I discovered the instructions for windows later last night and finished the install correctly. The download links were somewhat misleading. I'm now good to go. Thanks again for the response.

  • @dpcons No problem. Enjoy !