M5Stack and esp-idf

  • Hi there,
    I haven't seen much information on M5Stack using esp-idf FreeRTOS. Hence, I would like to know if anyone out there using M5Stack with esp-idf which is FreeRTOS. What about those drivers, such as TFT-LCD, MPU9520, GSM, etc, are they available in esp-idf?

  • @lim
    All ESP32 applications running on any ESP32 board, including M5Stack are built using esp-idf.
    esp-idf is not FreeRTOS. FreeRTOS is included into esp-idf (as a component) and is slightly modified version of the official FreeRTOS (see esp-idf documentation).
    The mentioned drivers are not the part of the esp-idf, but are built on-top of esp-idf and uses the esp-idf API.