Before I get too involved uploading code or showing library versions I'm using, can anyone else on this thread verify whether their Core2 player still streams correctly? I bought a new Core2 last week and was happy to find bwbguard's code. I removed some of the stations that don't exist anymore, but left in these three: {"Orig. Top 40", ""}, {"Classic FM", ""}, {"Lite Favorites", ""} The Classic FM sounds decent, but the other two are greatly distorted and sound like they're playing at 1/4 or 1/2 rate or so. I have tried other MP3 url's, and those sound distorted too so it definitely seems the norm and not the exception. VLC showed me the bit rates of the 3 above are 128 kb/s, 32 bits/sample, 44.1 kHz sample rate. What's more, this Core2 web player seems to change stations on its own sometimes and occasionally restart. This happens with latest ESP8266Audio 1.9.7 library, but I have tried previous as well. I'm using 0.1.4 M5Stack_Core2 library. I read this thread and tried toggling the PSRAM enable, and tried the Core2 board from M5stack as well as ESP32, but the one from ESP32 would not compile.I've tried 160 and 240 MHz which makes no difference. I even tried the code from this thread, the 'original' thread, and the code from bwbguard's github site. Can anyone offer some suggestions? Thanks!