@nerdlogger Thank you so much for passing this along! I haven't done much with this in the last year, so forgot where I was at with it, but it will be nice to formally fix the problem as listed in that discussion. As an aside, I did have to get a new Core2 from Mouser (after discussion with M5Stack, who paid for the replacement), because my display on first Core2 started 'fogging up' / going bad around the edges. I had left it on for a while, so not sure if that was related. Anyhow, it makes me wonder about the display quality on these. I had attempted to help M5Stack out as best I could by providing the serial # of bad unit, but I had finally tossed my box a few weeks before this happened. The serial # is not embedded in any of the M5Stack memory/firmware, so that's unfortunate for them. It's only on the box it arrives in. Finally, I realize the fun of programming a Core2 or other development board with whatever a programmer wants to do with it (which is why we buy these!), but for somebody who wants a pure streaming internet radio player that pretty much embodies what a person could eventually turn a Core2 into, check out the Yoto Player or Yoto Mini player. It is designed for children, but uses RFID cards that are inserted on top. Point is that you can program radio station URLs onto a card and select whatever station you want. Custom icons on small display, great speaker(s), excellent WIFI connectivity, and great battery life. I own both of those (well, my children do!) and can attest to the great ability as a streaming radio player. This performance is much better than portable offerings from Sangean, Lemega, Ocean Digital, etc. Thanks again!