Replacement parts

  • unfortunately the power button broke of my M5 (of the pcb) when pressing it on.
    Tried to repair this but I failed. Anybody here with the same problem.
    Currently uploads do not work. How can I fix it
    Is there a excact list available of parts e.g. were to get a replacement items like micro switch or other parts like the display.


  • @chris1101
    Hi Chris, haven't seen any other reports of this..... I've used quite a few M5's without any button problems.

    Some parts are referenced on the last page of the info sheet included with the M5 - but not the buttons. Don't think there is another list referencing parts.

    In terms of a fix:

    Presumably the M5 powers on when connected to USB. So I'm assuming you sometimes need the on/off/reset button to operate as the reset button when you are uploading code. And naturally you need the button to power on the M5 when dis-connected from USB. Is that right?

    Connecting a capacitor between the RST and GND ports should solve both these problems. Connect negative to ground , positive to RST.

    When NOT connected to USB, connecting the cap should power it up (can remove cap once started**). Also when uploading code, leaving it connected should allow code to load - or if use of the reset button is needed when uploading, just disconnect and re-connect the cap. Or - connect a button along with the cap.

    The cap I use is a 22 uf through-hole cap with polarity. 10 uf max has been suggested as the ideal max - but I've had no problems.

    Further discussion re. which cap to use:

    ** Turning it off could still be a problem.