New Products 05-July 2019 And new video series.

  • New Products 05-July-2019 in Offical M5Stack Aliexpress store.
    After all this time, research and testing the MKV Camera is now available.
    MKV K210 AI Risc-V Camera
    alt text
    M5Stick-V RISC-V AI Camera

    General Description
    M5Stack recently launched the new AIOT(AI+IOT) Camera powered by Kendryte K210 -an edge computing system-on-chip(SoC) with dual-core 64bit RISC-V CPU and state-of-art neural network processor.

    M5stick-V AI Camera features its integration with machine vision capabilities, featuring the unprocessed acceptability to AI Visioning with high energy efficiency and low cost. We co-oped with Sipeed providing the MicroPython environment makes programming onM5stick-V easier.

    The module comes with the OmniVision OV7740 sensor, using the OmniPixel®3-HS technology, providing a best-in-class low light sensitivity, making it ideal for machine vision. In addition to an OV7740 sensor, M5stick-V features more hardware resources such as a speaker with built-in I2S Class-D DAC, MEMS Microphone, IPS screen, 6-axis IMU, 200mAh Li-po battery, and more.

    More than the visioning, M5stick-V also features the embedded APU - Audio Processor. With its hardware beam-forming support and dual 512-point FFT units, the M5stick-V is also capable of a series of machine hearing works like voice wake-up to speech recognition.

    Dual-Core 64-bit RISC-V RV64IMAFDC (RV64GC) CPU / 400Mhz(Normal)
    Dual Independent Double Precision FPU
    8MiB 64bit width On-Chip SRAM
    Neural Network Processor(KPU) / 0.8Tops
    Field-Programmable IO Array (FPIOA)
    Dual hardware 512-point 16bit Complex FFT
    SPI, I2C, UART, I2S, RTC, PWM, Timer Support
    AES, SHA256 Accelerator
    Direct Memory Access Controller (DMAC)
    Micropython Support
    Firmware encryption support
    On-board Hardware resources:
    Flash: 16M.
    TFT: ST7789. 135*240 IPS 1.14 SPI
    Camera :OV7740
    PCM: MAX98357
    PMIC: AXP192
    Button: Front and side.
    Battery: 200mAh.
    Indicator light: RGBW .
    External storage: TF card/Micro SD
    Microphone: MSM261S4030HOR.
    Gyro: MPU6886.
    Interface: CONNEXT .

    A Laser Transmitter

    Laser TX](
    alt text

    A Laser reciever.
    Laser RX
    alt text

    Mini Proto
    link text
    alt text

    ADC Hat
    ADC Hat
    alt text

    DAC Hat
    DAC Hat
    alt text

    RS485 Hat
    RS485 Hat
    alt text

    To accompany these new items, @lukasmaximus89 @lukasmaximus has now created a video.

  • @m5stack
    No WiFi on the M5StickV.... why???

  • One can only assume that its because the risc V doesn't have built in wifi.