multithreading in uiflow

  • I noticed in makecode for circuit playground they offer multithreading in their block programming environment. This enables you can have two separate loop blocks each running an independent set of instructions. I know the esp32 is multithreaded, is this possible in uiflow or might this be a function added to future releases. It makes what would be complicated code really easy to manage.

  • @jpilarski

    I agree this would be a good feature to have on uiFlow. Specifically, which block are you referring to on Adafruit MakeCode? Is it the "run in parallel" block?
    0_1580328765943_Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 3.11.52 PM.png

    However, from a MicroPython perspective, multithreading doesn't seem to be complete yet, according to this link. "This module is highly experimental and its API is not yet fully settled and not yet described in this documentation."