Visual Studio Core

  • Hello,

    Can we use "Visual Studio Core" instead of the Arduino IDE?

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  • @PierreD

    You can run the VisualStudio Code platformIO. It supports the M5Stack ESP32.
    I have copied the M5_Stack_WiFi_Scanner demo arduino ino file into the platform io editor.
    I downloaded the code to my M5Stack (black) and it worked.

    Please play attention: In contrast to the arduino environement the VisualStudio Code PlatformIO is a one pass compiler, so you must place all subroutines (eg void Show(), Search()) at the beginning of your program (loop, setup ...) before they are called.

    You can watch a PlatformIO tutorial for Arduino, ESP8266, and ESP32 made by Andreas Spiess on YouTube :

    Good luck crami25

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